Our quality label – Your guarantee for a sustainable purchase

New natural tree endorsement for responsibly planted Christmas trees

Verband natürlicher Weihnachtsbaum e.V. has developed a quality seal that endorses Christmas trees which have been grown sustainably, in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

The Association is making a clear statement with the new quality label for greater protection of the climate, nature and employment. Although many family businesses have already been observing the above-mentioned aspects of their own accord, they can now for the first time be verified in accordance with Europe-wide standards. Once successfully certified, the company is awarded the independent natural tree quality seal. This enables businesses to comply with the wishes of many of their customers, who are demanding greater transparency and want to make a contribution towards climate protection and sustainability when they make their purchasing decisions.

The most important criteria

  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental protection
  • Conservation of resources
  • Traceability back to the seeds
  • Social criteria

When you see this quality seal in your DIY store, garden centre or directly on the stand, you can be certain that the Christmas trees were cultivated in a particularly environmentally friendly way.

Eco-friendly cultivation with requirements far above the statutory standards

A fundamental condition for producers to certify their trees with the natural tree quality label is a valid GLOBAL G.A.P.– or PEFC certificate. Additional requirements above these minimum levels must be compiled with:

For example, a new tree must be planted for every tree cut down. In addition, the holders of certificates must ensure there is greater biodiversity by planting wildflower strips to counter insects dying.

Further measures ensure there is lower energy consumption when caring for trees and felling them, which has a positive influence on greenhouse gas emissions in favour of climate protection. Social criteria such as training courses and a good standard of accommodation for the workers helping to cut down the trees complete the comprehensive criteria for the quality seal.

In total 23 check-points must be implemented. Producers undertake to comply with the measures and are randomly monitored on the basis of a standard list of points by independent testing institutions.

Wildflower strips and a variety of vegetation offer insects an ideal habitat, which in turn attracts rare species of birds to locate their breeding grounds in the plantations.